Friday, July 9, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Zack Arias' Blog

Today's blog recommendation goes to the blog of Atlanta based editorial photographer, Zack AriasZack is well known in photography circles, but I'm not so sure everyone is aware of his blog. In other words, I wouldn't expect the blog to show up at the top of the list for Internet traffic, but it gets my thumbs up and inclusion because, well, it's good. He covers a lot of photography related ground and does it in a really fun way.

Who's Behind It?
Zack Arias is an editorial photographer with a “specialty niched in press and publicity photography for the music industry.” He is based out of Atlanta, GA, but is another one of those globe trotters that will be somewhere in the states one day and next thing you hear he is shooting in Dubai. What a life! I think he his best known for his OneLight Workshop that he started back in 2005. His wife, Meghan, is a musician and appears with Zack on the blog from time to time.

What's the Blog About?
This is another one of those blogs that kind of rambles along with the life and thoughts of its author. Not that this is a bad thing at all, as Zack leads a rather interesting life and his thought processes are, shall we say, a bit different than your run of the mill photogarpher. The overall tone of the site is fun and informative. Postings come at a leisurely rate compared to some blogs, with only a handful of updates per month. This makes for an easy blog to follow, as there is not a lot of filler, mostly the real stuff.

As for content, I have seen a lot of postings on shoots he has done, including celebrity personalities. I seem to recall reading one posting where he and Meghan reviewed follower's websites (at their request of course). Sometimes he shows the behind the scenes and the inherent educator comes out. Make no mistake, Zack is an educator and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the masses. When the masses are willing to pony up for one of his workshops, this becomes a win-win deal.

I appreciate that Zack has added a list of Categories linking to postings for the selected category. This list is quite complete and saves having to do the usual blog search. To give you a better idea of the wide range of topics covered here, I've reproduced the list as it appeared at the time of this writing. The number in parenthesis indicates how many postings there are for the topic.

By now you should be convinced, so go on over to Zack Arias' blog and report back your opinion.

Coming Next
This is the sixth posting for this seven part series on photography blogs worth following. Just one more to go, tomorrow.

Until then...


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