Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reader Comments Are Enabled Again!

It has just come to my attention that reader comments have been disabled for all postings since the end of June. That is when I started using Blogger's new editor, which has better behavior and more posting options. Unfortunately, one of the new posting options is to allow/don't allow user comments, and for some strange reason it defaults to "Don't Allow" reader comments instead of using the global setting for reader comments, which I have set to enabled. I apologize for this. It is an oversight on my part.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged! I have gone through all of the postings and enabled reader comments back to where this started happening, so if you had intended to comment on any of the postings over the last couple of months, please feel free to go back and add your comment now!

I have an interesting little post coming up next Tuesday, so don't venture too far.

Until then...


Friday, July 30, 2010

Save 74% on PhotoVision 2010 DVD set

This is a one off post just to let you know about a great deal coming your way! I am a fan of PhotoVision and am now in my second season of PhotoVision subscriptions. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but the folks at PhotoVision sent me a code that will get you about 74% off of the list price, so I wanted to share it. I find PhotoVision to be a worthwhile investment, and at this price you can't loose. For the record, if enough people sign up through me, I get next year free. That probably won't happen and frankly, I don't care. If you have been thinking of getting some new photography resources to help your shooting and/or business acumen, PhotoVision is for you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Strobe Power -Vs- Color

Back to a more technical topic for today's post. Earlier this year I conducted a short experiment to see just how much color shift my strobes (monolights) give as the power is varied from min to max. It is actually an important subject, as color shift is a bad thing if excessive and can go unnoticed for a long time, but then show up unexpectedly and catch you off guard (probably at the worst possible moment, like when an important client is present). This topic doesn't really fit in with anything posted lately, but the experiment was completed back in March and the data has been lying around all this time waiting to be cataloged and the results written up, so finally, here it is.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tabletop Photography – A Dried Flower Bud

A Bit of Fun with Tabletop Photography
Today I thought I would share last night's adventure on the tabletop. As you may know, I've been doing tabletop for some years now. There is always tiny something that can be photographed. Today's specimen comes from the great outdoors. Well, not exactly the wild, more like my wife's flower garden. I believe this is a failed rose bud from some miniature roses that haven't been too excited about this year's dank spring. Those little plants are fickle about their environment and have been making it clear that they are not impressed with Seattle weather.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Natural Light and Filling a Background with Flash

The topic of today's post is a bit odd in that it just isn't the way most people use flash for their outdoor photography. Not that it is unusual to light a background, at least in the studio, but when the background is a shady spot outdoors, the usual line of thought is to put the subject in the shade and use the flash on the subject. In this case I thought, what if I put the subject in the sun, but light the shady background? Can it be done? Not that this is anything all that useful in terms of normal shooting, but if nothing else, it is something to throw in the bag of tricks for that one odd time it is needed. (more after the jump)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Hoffer Photography's Blog

This is the last posting for this seven part series. Today's blog recommendation is a bit different from the others in that the author is not so much a celebrity, though I don't think that will last long. Read on to find out why...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Zack Arias' Blog

Today's blog recommendation goes to the blog of Atlanta based editorial photographer, Zack AriasZack is well known in photography circles, but I'm not so sure everyone is aware of his blog. In other words, I wouldn't expect the blog to show up at the top of the list for Internet traffic, but it gets my thumbs up and inclusion because, well, it's good. He covers a lot of photography related ground and does it in a really fun way.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School
Today's blog recommendation goes to the Digital Photography School. I'm not really sure that this is a blog in the strictest sense. In fact, it's more like three blogs in one, as the site has three main categories with postings regularly updated in all three. Nonetheless, the postings are very blog like, so I'm including it here. One of the nice things about being in charge of your own little universe is that you get to make up the rules. Anyway, the important thing is that it is a great resource, so read on.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Joe McNally's Blog

Joe McNally's Blog
Today's blog recommendation goes to Joe McNally's blog. Perhaps not the most popular blog on the Internet, but certainly one of the most popular photographers on the planet. I first linked to Joe's blog via the Strobist. Of course I knew of Joe McNally, after all, who doesn't? However, I had never thought to see if he had a blog and if so, what it might be like. Well, I'm glad for serendipity, cause this blog is worth keeping an eye on.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Digital ProTalk

Today's blog recommendation goes to what might likely be the most popular wedding photography blog on the planet. However, you don't have to be a wedding photographer to appreciate all the content you will find here.

Digital ProTalk
I am a big fan of Digital ProTalk. I don't remember how I first became acquainted with this blog, probably through a photography forum, but have been quite addicted ever since. I am sure that once you taste all the lighting, posing, shooting, and day to day business and marketing advice offered up, you too will become a follower.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Strobist

Today's blog recommendation is one of the most popular photography blogs on the net and was included in TIME Magazine's 25 Best Blogs of 2010.

I have been watching this blog for some years now. When I first heard about it I got real excited that someone else was totally into using portable flashes for lighting. At that time I had six Vivitar 285 flashes and thought I must be nearing some kind of record. That was of course before hearing about the infamous Joe McNally and his incredible collection of SB800  and SB900 flashes. More on Joe later, but for today we are talking about the Strobist, a blog dedicated to the small flash for lighting.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Going Pro

Today's blog recommendation is targeted primarily for those who are either starting a new photography business or contemplating doing so. Those who already have an established photography business will also glean some useful information from this excellent blog. For that matter, nearly any photographer will find something useful in this informational treasure trove.

Going Pro
GoingPro2010 is the most recent blog addition to my iGoogle page, which is where I keep track of blog updates for all of the blogs I follow. The blog's name pretty much says what it is all about. For someone like me, transitioning from part time to full time photography, the name beckoned for a closer look. Glad I did too, as every post is packed with something of real value.

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – A full week of blog recommendations

What's That?
This week I would like to share with you seven of my favorite photography related blogs. I am not putting them into any particular order, as they are each the best in their own rights. I will however give you a brief review for each based on my view of universal truth. I hope that you find this series informative and worthwhile.

Coming Next
This series will be coming fast and frequent. No promises, but I hope to put out a post a day for a total of seven postings in seven days. Watch for the first post very soon!

Until then...