Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Joe McNally's Blog

Joe McNally's Blog
Today's blog recommendation goes to Joe McNally's blog. Perhaps not the most popular blog on the Internet, but certainly one of the most popular photographers on the planet. I first linked to Joe's blog via the Strobist. Of course I knew of Joe McNally, after all, who doesn't? However, I had never thought to see if he had a blog and if so, what it might be like. Well, I'm glad for serendipity, cause this blog is worth keeping an eye on.

Who's Behind It?
No need spell out who authors Joe McNally's blog. What you may not know is just who this Joe McNally guy is. If names like National Geographic, Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Men's Journal have any meaning to you, then you know the publications that have sported Joe's work as cover stories. Joe has authored "Faces Of Ground Zero", “The Moment It Clicks”, and “The Hot Shoe Diaries”. He also conducts workshops all over the globe. There is more, but I'll let you read about it on Joe's website.

What's the Blog About?
From what I've witnessed in his blog, I would call Joe's blog a repository for just about anything photography related, usually pertaining to a recent project or something that he found of interest. Lots of photos and techniques in this blog.

What's really cool about Joe's blog, and what separates it form most others, is that it is Joe McNally! Not only can the guy make great photos, but he can actually write pretty good too! Joe's writing is very conversational and usually even grammatically correct. And all this talent gets cut loose as he trots all over the globe to interesting places photographing (usually) interesting, if not visually stunning, people. Of particular interest to some of us is that he often shares scenes from behind the scenes, divulging lighting goals, setups, and the process of getting there. He seems to make friends with everyone, so therefore has friends all over the world.

Joe has an interesting nickname, which I will let you discover on your own. He also has an incredible collection of SB800 and SB900 flashes and is one of the original Strobist style photojournalist. Get on over to Joe's blog and see the goods for yourself.

Coming Next
This is the fourth posting for this seven part series on photography blogs worth following. Three more to go, so come back for the next blog recommendation.

Until then...


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