Friday, July 30, 2010

Save 74% on PhotoVision 2010 DVD set

This is a one off post just to let you know about a great deal coming your way! I am a fan of PhotoVision and am now in my second season of PhotoVision subscriptions. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but the folks at PhotoVision sent me a code that will get you about 74% off of the list price, so I wanted to share it. I find PhotoVision to be a worthwhile investment, and at this price you can't loose. For the record, if enough people sign up through me, I get next year free. That probably won't happen and frankly, I don't care. If you have been thinking of getting some new photography resources to help your shooting and/or business acumen, PhotoVision is for you.

The Big Discount
For additional information and to get PhotoVision 2010 for just $39 (that's $110 off of the $149 list price), click the following link. To receive your discount, use the code PVFAN.

What It Is

For those who are not familiar with PhotoVision, let me give you a quick rundown. It is a professionally produced set of video DVDs pertaining to everything related to professional portraiture, which includesfamily, children, babies, maternity, and seniors. This publication is targeted specifically for the professional photographer. The enthusiast will also find useful content, but might want to skip the business and marketing parts.

There are a total of six DVDs produced every season. Each DVD contains two hours of content divided between interviews with well known photographers discussing the business side of photography, marketing promotions, pricing, etc. There are also behind the scenes videos of photographers at work, providing commentary on what they are doing and why. Watching these gives a broad perspective on the variety of approaches one can take for their business and their photography.

Why Do I Need This?
I find that sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference, like a small piece of needed advice to open one's eyes to bigger possibilities. PhotoVision is a supplier of those little things that potentially can make a big difference. BTW, once you sign up with PhotoVision, you will find that you can renew the next year for this same low price, so once you are in it continues to be a good deal.

Enough Already!

Okay, enough with PhotoVision. On an unrelated note, the series I referenced in the last post will have to wait, as there just hasn't been enough time to put it together. Instead I have some other stuff lined up that I think you will enjoy. Hopefully I can get it assembled in time for next Tuesday's post. Will do my best to knock it out this weekend.

Until then...



  1. There goes my $39 :) Nice set of DVD's... Hope I learn a lot from it. Thanks Gene Lee for the code.

  2. A year from now that $39 will not be missed, but the impact of watching those DVDs will be evident every time you make a portrait.

    For me the bigger cost is making time to watch them. Still behind on that, but making progress. Thanks for writing.


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