Saturday, November 28, 2009

Comparison: Color Shift from Reflectors - Why it pays to buy quality (take 2)

The last post dealt with color shift from light modifiers. This prompted me to conduct yet one more similar experiment, only this time using light bounced from my collection of various reflectors. suspicion that some of my reflectors are causing a color shift was fueled by the findings from testing umbrellas and softboxes. Since reflectors get used primarily for filling shadows and often in conjunction with a fill light, the color shift is often not particularly noticeable and therefore easy to overlook. However, when using a single light source and a reflector for fill, the color shift could be very dramatic, so if there is a problem with any reflector, it needs to be identified and eliminated.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Comparison: Color Shift from Light Modifiers (Why it pays to buy quality)

Color Shift from Light Modifiers

Why it pays to buy quality

In this posting we are going to explore the difference between some light modifiers of various styles and brands. This is not a review or an endorsement for any particular product. Instead, we are going to take a look at how different manufacturers light modifiers affect the color temperature of light. This important aspect of light modifiers seldom gets any kind of attention, yet it is just as important as any other characteristic, especially when mixing light modifiers. My goal is to point out just how dramatic the differences can be. There also appears to be an implication that the savings from buying cheap Chinese products, does come at a price.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Temperature of Light - part 9 (Manual White Balance with Raw Files using Bibble 4.10 Pro)

This is the last posting for the series on the Temperature of Light. It has been a long series and this post has been absurdly long in coming. No good reason for that, just allowed it to keep getting pushed down on priority list. Anyway, my apology to anyone who may have been disappointed with this long wait.
Now, let's get back to business. Today we are finishing up by setting a manual white balance for a raw file using Bibble 4.10 Pro.