Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seven Photography Blogs Worth Following – Going Pro

Today's blog recommendation is targeted primarily for those who are either starting a new photography business or contemplating doing so. Those who already have an established photography business will also glean some useful information from this excellent blog. For that matter, nearly any photographer will find something useful in this informational treasure trove.

Going Pro
GoingPro2010 is the most recent blog addition to my iGoogle page, which is where I keep track of blog updates for all of the blogs I follow. The blog's name pretty much says what it is all about. For someone like me, transitioning from part time to full time photography, the name beckoned for a closer look. Glad I did too, as every post is packed with something of real value.

Who's Behind It?
This excellent resource is published by Skip Cohen and Scott Bourne, two seasoned professionals with vast experience from which to share. I won't burden you with their long list of credentials, but you can read about them for yourself by going to their 'About' page.

What's the Blog About?
The focus of this blog is fixed primarily on subjects that will help emerging professional photographers. The postings tend to be concise and targeted at some clearly defined and relevant topic. The writing style is conversational and never intimidating. It comes off more as mentoring from a friend and never preachy or pedantic. Topics appear to range from real world marketing, best business practices, taxes, cautions, customer relations, to the psychology of the business, and much more.

Here are some of the more recent blog titles they have published, as of this writing, just to give you an idea of the breadth of this blog.

“Photographer / Life Balance”
“The First Ever GoingPro Contest!”
“Do You Need A Model Release? Probably”
“Validation is Overrated”
“Feedback – It’s a Matter of Authority &  Credibility”
“Can Professional Photographers Use Coupons To Drive More Business?”
“Instant Replay Can Improve Your Photography”
“What You Don’t Know About Creative Commons Could Kill You”
“10 Things To Help You Build Your Confidence as a Photographer”
“Seven Tips for Marketing Your New Photography Business”

I think you get the idea, now get over to GoingPro2010 and partake of the smorgasbord that Skip Cohen and Scott Bourne have prepared for you!

Going Pro 2010 Contest
Did you happen to notice that the title of one of their recent blog postings mentions a contest? That's right, those of you on Twitter can win some great prizes by simply following GoingPro2010 on Twitter.  I might even get a Twitter account just to join in the fun and maybe win a prize!

Coming Next
That is the first of the seven post series on photography blogs worth following. More to come so check back tomorrow.

Until then...


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