Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reader Comments Are Enabled Again!

It has just come to my attention that reader comments have been disabled for all postings since the end of June. That is when I started using Blogger's new editor, which has better behavior and more posting options. Unfortunately, one of the new posting options is to allow/don't allow user comments, and for some strange reason it defaults to "Don't Allow" reader comments instead of using the global setting for reader comments, which I have set to enabled. I apologize for this. It is an oversight on my part.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged! I have gone through all of the postings and enabled reader comments back to where this started happening, so if you had intended to comment on any of the postings over the last couple of months, please feel free to go back and add your comment now!

I have an interesting little post coming up next Tuesday, so don't venture too far.

Until then...


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