Monday, April 12, 2010

What's in the Bag? Plastic Spring Clamps

Marching ahead with the “What's in the Bag” series, we now get to talk about the less oft thought of bits of kit that sometimes save the day. Yes folks, today we are going to discuss plastic spring clamps. I found a nice collection of various sized clamps at the local hardware store. It really doesn't matter where you get them, just get them.

How May I Help You?
Spring clamps are a solution waiting for a problem to solve. Keeping a few general purpose tools on hand can really save the day, or at least make it go a little bit smoother. Here are some of the more typical applications for spring clamps.
Holding a role of seamless paper so it won't unroll into a mess.

Holding a backdrop to a crossbar.

Holding a gobo.

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Even More Uses
Perhaps I'm not the only one who thinks of everything as a toy. Anyway, here it is. I present to you...

Star Child

"Getting a Grip"



Coming Next
That's it for today (thankfully). There is a bit more to come in the series, so do come back.

Until then...

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