Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's in the Bag? Ball Bungees

The prior post in this “What's in the Bag” series covered plastic spring clamps, so moving along with the theme of clamping or holding things, this short post is covering something you don't often hear about. Yes, today we talk about Ball Bungees!

What Are They Good For?
Just what you do with them is a mystery as deep as a person's imagination. I use one on my day backpack to hold a small tripod. They are the kind of thing that can sit in the bag unused for quite some time, but then suddenly, come out to save the day! That is, if they actually got packed and we remember that they are in there.

Here is an example of how a chair can be turned into a back light stand.

Here is the detailed view. Lots of other things the ball bungee can do. You can find your own uses and report back here with a comment... please.

Coming Next
Just a short post today, some more still to come in this series, so do please check back soon.

Until then...

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