Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's in the Bag? LumoPro LT604 Light Stand

This little darling is the LumoPro LP604 5-section 6ft. Compact stand. It folds down to an amazing 19-3/4 inches. It is heavy duty (for its size), plenty tall for most needs, and sports a nice wide footprint for stability. It is actually better support than my 8ft. Impact stand in terms of heft and stability. At $39.99 it is also the lowest cost compact stand available today, yet it will stand up to the best [insert smiley face here]. I don't hesitate to recommend the LumoPro LP604 for anyone needing a good compact stand.

Measuring UpHere are the specifics from my measurements. With the feet spread out to a nominal, but generous 37 inch footprint, it extends from 26 inches up to 80 inches. However, by moving the feet out flat it can go down all the way down to 19-3/4 inches, and by moving the feet angled up, it can extend as high as 84 inches while maintaining a 32 inch footprint. For really tight spaces, you can crank the feet up for a tiny 14 inch footprint. How's that for versatility in a small package?

Show Me More!
Want to see more? I thought you might, so here are some additional photos of the stand in various configurations.

Here it is at minimum height with the feet fully spread

Here the feet are spread out as one might normally use the stand.

This shows it fully extended.

For comparison, next to a 5-1/2 ft. photographer.

The fully loaded stand in use.

Where to Get One
I purchased mine from Midwest Photo, who I believe are the sole suppliers for LumoPro. Here is the link:,4729.html
Alternatives (life is about choices)
Bogen/Manfrotto make a nearly identical stand for you Bogen/Manfrotto fans. Actually, I believe the LumoPro is a knockoff of the Bogen stand. Reportedly the differences are primarily that the Bogen is a bit lighter. So for those who prefer the real deal, Click Here to purchase the Bogen 5001B Nano Stand from Amazon.

Coming Next
There is more to come on the “What's in the Bag” series, so stop on by later and see what's new.

Until then...


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