Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to Studiography!

My name is Gene Lee and I am the owner and principle photographer for TTL - Through The Lens Photography (http://www.ttl-biz.com/). I will be your host on this blog and moderator for all postings.

Your active participation is welcome and encouraged. If you see an error or feel that something relevant has been omitted, please sound up! The goal here is to explore any and everything pertaining to studio photography. This includes lighting equipment, support apparatus, any kind of light modifier and different ways to use it, camera equipment, posing, advertising, networking, taxes, etc. If it pertains to studio photography, it is fair game for this blog.

In the interest of the broader community, I do read all postings and will remove or edit any that I feel violate the spirit of the blog, namely anything that I think might be offensive to other participants. The goal here is to share information and experience for the betterment of the art. Everyone is welcome here; one need only to have an interest in photography to fit in. Whether you are a beginner, advanced amateur, or seasoned pro, make yourself at home, share your knowledge, and ask any relevant question.

Thank you for stopping by.


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